Orton -Gillingham Method
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Research has established that dyslexic learners are better able to store and retrieve information by using:

  • Multisensory Instruction:
    By engaging all their senses when they learn, (visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic),

  • Focused Instruction and Practice:
    Teaching dyslexic students requires an intense and focused teaching method along with much more practice than for traditional learners.

  • Rule Based Instruction:
    The rules that govern how to read and spell must be taught one at a time, directly and explicitly and practiced until fully mastered before introducing the next rule. To be truly effective, the student must go back to the very basic, first steps of learning to read and spell and build a solid foundation.

  • Teach, Assess, Teach:
    Through exercises and practice, the teacher will continually assess both new and previous material, and if any confusion is uncovered, they can be re-taught the concept before continuing.

Orton -Gillinham Method


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